Field Lane Update

Below is a letter that has been sent out to people in Farnley Tyas to let them know about the work that will start on Field Lane.


Please note that it is our intention to carry out the works required under the Planning Approval on Field Lane, with the exception of the final topping layer, commencing Monday the 16th May 2016.

This work involves digging out and removing a certain depth of the existing construction and laying new stone in its place starting at the top of Field Lane and finishing below the industrial units.

Once the work is complete it should eliminate the issue of potholes and once the final properties on Beech Farm are complete we would then apply the final topping and deal with the verges to Field Lane so that it is left in a right and proper condition. 

Clearly we will endeavour to keep access to everyone’s properties the best we can but there will unfortunately be some restriction to full access during working hours though we will ensure that over night full access is available.  Should the works last more than one working week then we will ensure full access over the weekend.  While the top of Field Lane is being excavated then Deer Croft and Manor Drive can be used for access.

We very much appreciate all the patience we have been granted by residents during our period on site and trust you will bear with us during this process.  Please do not hesitate to speak to our foreman Ritchie or our men on site if you have any special requirements/deliveries etc. so that we can accommodate your wishes.

Many thanks.

Jonathan Procter