Thank you for having your say

Now that the public consultation on the draft Local Plan has ended, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to have their say, whatever their views. With such an important decision to make regarding Kirklees’ future, it’s vital that everyone has the opportunity to put forward their points regarding the draft Local Plan.

I would particularly like to thank all those people who supported our plans for Farnley Country Park and the benefits it could bring to Huddersfield and the wider Kirklees area.

One issue that I would like to address is the accusation that we have applied for planning permission or are intending to build infrastructure on land that is not owned by Farnley Estates.

These accusations are simply not true. We set out a vision for a country park that could be something significant for Huddersfield. If – and only if – other landowners wished to join in and partner with us, there would be the opportunity to link existing footpaths to create a large circular route. We apologies unreservedly if our vision has caused upset and worry to other landowners as this was never our intention.

We now know that the majority of neighbouring landowners do not wish to participate in Farnley Country Park, and we respectfully accept their decision. This means that our plans and paths providing new access will be confined to our land. It also means that any funding that is generated will go further when it comes to both paying for facilities to encourage people to visit the Park, and continuing with our conservation work.

The decision as to what happens next is in the hands of Kirklees Metropolitan Council. However, our stance remains the same as it has been all along: if Kirklees have to build on green belt, then get a country park out of it.

Paul Sykes, Director Farnley Estates