Did you know? 12 little known facts about Farnley Estates

Did you know?...12 facts about Farnley Estates that might surprise you!

There’s a lot more to being a custodian of 1,500 acres of woodland and farmland than you might realise. For instance, did you know that there are hundreds of miles of dry stone walls around the Estate, many of which have been in existence for over 500 years?

Here are our top 12 facts about Farnley Estates that you might not know.

  1. Over the past 15 years the Estate has spent £250,000 on land drains so that farming can continue.
  2. The Estate’s ancient woodlands date back to at least the reign of Henry VIII.
  3. Since 2000 the Estate has planted 75,000 trees to make sure our woodlands remain healthy for another 500 years!
  4. Woodsome Hall Golf Club used to be the Estate Manor House, until the then owner, the Earl of Dartmouth, sold it with the accompanying land to the golf club.
  5. The Estate owns the village square and recently erected the war memorial to provide a lasting tribute to Farnley’s war heroes.
  6. The Estate owns the village bus stop.
  7. Stone from the Estate quarry has been crushed and used to repair many of the walking paths – an environmentally friendly alternative to shipping in stone from elsewhere.
  8. Until 1990 the Estate provided the village with water but then paid for Yorkshire water to provide water mains to the village.
  9. In October 2013, Farnley Estates masqueraded as Devon, when it became the location for the opening scenes of the BBC production of Jamaica Inn. (Cornwall was filmed at Hade Edge!)
  10. The Sykes family became only the third owners of the Estate in 700 years, when the family bought the land from the Earl of Dartmouth in 1968.
  11. There used to be a brewery on the Estate and the one of the first steam mills in Huddersfield was located on Estate land.   
  12. Farnley Estates operates one of the region’s longest off-road horse rides. Six rides take place each year, weather permitting, on a seven-mile route through the Estate

If you’re interested in the history of Farnley Estates and Farnley Tyas, Caroline Page has published a book Farnley Tyas: A History which can be purchased from the Holmfirth Tourist Information Office.