History of Farnley Tyas

Farnley Tyas: A History by Caroline Page

A new book by Caroline Page from Honley Civic Society, and supported by Farnley Estates Ltd., uncovers the history of Farnley Tyas village.

Farnley Tyas: A History takes readers back to the 11 century. The story moves through medieval times, charts the industrial revolution and textile industry that shaped the village we see today and into the present day.

Along the way we meet some colourful characters, including the (presumably very energetic) Rev Cutfield Wardroper. The second incumbent of Farnley Tyas church, rode around the village on a white horse, phrophesied hell-fire from the pulpit and married 4 times, the last time when he was in his 80s to a woman half his age. 

The book is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in finding out more about the Rev and other inhabitants of our beautiful Yorkshire village.

The book can be purchased for £12.50 from Holmfirth Tourist Information Office.