Sharing the vision for Farnley Country Park

Since Farnley Estates launched its vision for a country park for Huddersfield, many neighbouring landowners and residents have raised concerns about what it means for them.

The Estate has already invited a number of these individuals to meet with them and discuss things in more detail. Paul Sykes, Director Farnley Estates, explains the reason for such an ambitious proposal for Farnley Country Park.

“We want to create a country park that will benefit local people, make a real difference to the economy and put Huddersfield on the tourist map. To do this we need to have a vision that matches our ambition.

“When we first investigated the potential for a country park for Huddersfield, the A616 Huddersfield Road to the west, the A629 Penistone Road to the east, the A635 to the south and the bottom of Castle Hill, worked as a natural, arbitrary boundary for a significant country park for the region. This area also encompassed five railway stations and existing footpaths provided an, almost, complete circuit, which makes sense for accessing the park.  

“We know that within this area there are a handful of large landowners, including Kirklees Council, as well as probably hundreds of smaller land and home owners. We cannot, and would not, presume to speak for these landowners. Neither are we proposing that people should have the right to roam anywhere they wish on this land.

“Instead, the intention is to invite people to share our vision – if they so wish. By including this area as part of Farnley Country Park, at the very least there could be the option to improve existing footpaths so that they can be used to access parts of the Park where activities and facilities are located. But even in this scenario, access would be limited to the existing footpaths.

“The ideal is that landowners want to become more involved and provide additional facilities or activities on their land. After all, we don’t have a monopoly on ideas and we can only control what happens on our land. But just imagine what Farnley Country Park could achieve for Huddersfield if we work together.”

The Estate is willing to meet with neighbouring landowners to find out how they can work together in the future or to allay any fears and concerns they may have regarding the proposal. Visit