Responsible walkers

There are some great walks on public and permissive footpaths within Farnley Estates, offering stunning views of the area. You can download our most popular circular walks by visiting our walking page.

Please remember that Farnley Estates is a working farm, and we ask that all walkers act responsibly by:

  • Cleaning boots before starting out to avoid the spread of diseases and invasive plants.
  • Keeping dogs under control at all times and especially around livestock.
  • Cleaning up after your dog.
  • Keeping to footpaths at all times, and closing any gates.

If you encounter a muddy area within a field, please avoid walking around the area. This simply increases the muddy patch and damages the crops - even those that look like grassy fields are actually grass crops, which are grown and sold for forage.

Instead, why not take a step back into your childhood? Make sure you're wearing suitable walking boots or wellies, and take pleasure in stamping through the mud!

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your walks around Farnley Estates.