School children visit Farnley Estates

Thurstonland school field trip to Farnley Estates

Bringing lessons to life for Thurstonland schoolchildren

As well as learning about the importance of trees in school, children from Years 2 and 3 at Thurstonland First School took their lessons outdoors with an educational visit to Runlet Wood within Farnley Estates.

The practical trip to the nearby woods, helped to bring lessons to life for the pupils, as their teacher Ms Lisa Robinson, said:

“As Runlet Wood is within walking distance of the school, it’s a great place to take the children, and adds another dimension to their learning. By allowing them to see, touch and hunt for different trees, they have fun while learning more about nature and the important role trees play in our lives.”

As well as learning the names of different trees, the children had great fun building towers from sticks and creating their own bark rubbings. Some of the children gave their thoughts on the day:

“We got to see and touch real trees instead of just talking about them.” Sienna
“I just loved it – now I know how important trees are.” Bonnie-Belle
“I could draw my own special tree.” Martha

Farnley Estates is keen to encourage more local schools and organisations to take advantage of the educational opportunities within the Estate’s grounds.

“As well as our woodlands, where children can learn more about nature and ecology, we have a great deal of farmland, where children can find out more about where their food comes from,” said Paul Sykes, Director Farnley Estates,

“The Estate also has a rich history, with fields and woodlands dating back to Tudor times and the reign of Henry VIII. We welcome all educational enquiries, the only thing we ask is for visits to be arranged in advance for safety reasons, as much of our land is still working farmland,” Paul added.

Schools or colleges interested in visiting Farnley Estate for educational purposes can enquire by calling, can call 01484 665544 or emailing